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Welcome to CITICARS

Regular car servicing, tyre and repair when necessary is definitely not a “want” but a “need” as it prevents breakdowns and one problem from creating a string of others and ensures that your car is running at its peak in this modern day where all of us depend on our vehicle to bring us and our loved ones from one point to another safely and securely. CITICARS is a first of its kind Malaysian origin new concept of lifestyle car servicing, tyre and repair where we bring the “need” of the consumer to a shopping mall’s car park! Just send in your car for service, go shopping, dine, go for a movie, buy your groceries or simply enjoy quality time spent with loved ones in the shopping mall and conveniently drive home safely in your fully serviced and reliable vehicle.



Our outlets are strategically located in major shopping malls car park.  


We practice Fixed Pricing Policy with our service charges reasonably priced according to models and car conditions. Member Price  


We use only Original and Genuine lubricants and parts, despite our competitive pricing, we do not compromise on our quality standards.  


Our team of Technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience to serve your car servicing needs. 30 Inspection Points


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